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Recital Music - for student practice:

Dancers, we encourage practice at home! Each year we ensure you have access to your recital music for home practice!


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On-Stage/Blocking Rehearsal allows students to become familiar with the stage and is the time when spacing for the dances is set, any spacing issues are resolved and entrances and exits from the wings are figured out. 

Each class has about five minutes on the stage to practice. Dancers do not wear costumes for this rehearsal but proper dance attire is required, as well as any props used in the dance. And of course, a smile!

Dress Rehearsal is considered a Practice Recital. Students rehearse in their recital costume, practice making costume changes and work out any final bugs. It is run as close to the actual recital line-up as possible. Most students will want to watch the Dress Rehearsal because they will not be able to see the show during the actual recital.

Both On-Stage/Blocking Rehearsal and Dress Rehearsal are recorded. Students watch the recording at their next class after the rehearsal. 


Our annual recitals take place in June. Location, dates and times are announced in late fall. We have two recitals that feature dancers young and old, as well as a special dance for dads and daughters. 

Recital 2018 Show Assignments!

Dance is a performing art and therefore all students must have the opportunity to take the logical step from classroom to stage. Dancing in a rehearsal room and dancing on a stage are completely different things. 

Benefits of taking part in an annual recital performance include: concentration, memory, technique, artistry and confidence. It provides a worthwhile goal to work towards during the year and offers each student a night to be a "star" onstage and build self-esteem. Dancing also gives students a "behind the scenes" experience of what really goes into a performance.