All students wear costumes in our annual recital. The costumes are geared toward the recital theme. We choose our costumes carefully, looking for more modest costumes and avoiding two-piece costumes at all age levels. 

In November, we introduce our dancers to the costumes they will wear at recital. In addition, dancers are measured for their costumes to ensure the best fit. Costume payments are due by Halloween, and costume delivery is usually in early spring. 

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Recital pictures and video

What does a child learn in dance class? 

  • Teamwork -children work together to achieve a high quality work of art
  • Creative Thinking Skills - students learn to think quickly and creatively to make choreorgraphy work for themselves and the group
  • Music and Rhythm - throughout each class, we educate our students on the time signature, time period and type of music they are hearing, both classical and contemporary
  • Nutrition and Anatomy - a dancer's instrument is his/her body, and we encourage proper nutrition for every dancer; in addition, we study the skeleton during October, which is bone month
  • French - students in ballet automatically receive an introduction to the French language, as ballet terms are derived from French culture
  • Other arts - we encourage participation in other arts such as theater, choral groups, musical instruments, painting and more
  • Spatial Relationships - students must think with both sides of their brain when they dance while maneuvering around others
  • Responsibility - time management, the care and keeping of dance attire, costumes and more are just some of the things dancers quickly learn
  • Self-confidence & Self-esteem - conquering new movements, gaining new abilities, working hard and mastering a task, as well as making friends to last a lifetime are all gateways to personal integrity and self-assured adulthood

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Dance pictures are taken every spring at Focal Point studios in Plymouth. Two designated photo days for our studio are arranged, and dancers make their appointments on those days. For their photos, dancers are dressed in costume, with full makeup and hair up. 

Photos can be taken in various combinations: individually, with siblings or friends and even with Dads for our Dad Daughter Dance. Orders are paid in full on photo day, and pictures are available for pick-up at the studio the week after recital. 

Our recital is professionally videotaped and compiled. The recital DVDs can be purchased. Flash photography is not allowed at recital as it is too distracting to dancers and the audience. It is, however, allowed at the on-stage blocking and dress rehearsals only.